Thank you Watson, Europe Here I Come!

So I got the Watson Fellowship and I get to go study sword dancing!

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As you can tell, this has been a dream since I was rather small, and I am ridiculously excited that it is coming true! This is where I hope to keep a record of my adventures from July 2011-August 2012 as I travel the world with swords!

As for now, if you have any good contacts in the European Sword Dancing world, please let me know as I continue planning!


Jeremy Carter-Gordon


About Jeremy Carter-Gordon

My blog of a year studying point-and-hilt sword dancing on a Watson Fellowship. Enjoy reading, tell me your thoughts and leave me a comment, or visit my website at
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One Response to Thank you Watson, Europe Here I Come!

  1. This is really fascinating! What a privilege to be able to travel and study and teach what you love. Here in southern India there’s a martial art called Kalari Payattu that apparently is the basis of others like kung fu or karate.
    There is a lot of sword work and stylized dance/fighting. Maybe you’ll be able to visit Kerala some time and see it for yourself!

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