In the News: A North American Researcher in Arrate

Since the group Kezka started started doing the dances of Our Lady of Arrate, there are many aficionados who have come from other locations to see this ‘new tradition’. However, this year will have a visiter traveling more kilometers. Jeremy Carter-Gordon is a young American researcher who is studying dances with swords in Europe. As a final project studies, he has gone through France and Italy to see the different traditions of these dances, and will be at Arrate on Thursday  to see the ‘ezpatadantza’ of Kezka. His mentor had the opportunity to see the Eibar group in York and this path has brought him to Eibar. Follow the project online through the blog Interestingly, the last the Dances of the Virgin of Arrate had some American dancers as guests.









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About Jeremy Carter-Gordon

My blog of a year studying point-and-hilt sword dancing on a Watson Fellowship. Enjoy reading, tell me your thoughts and leave me a comment, or visit my website at
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