In the News: The Second Coming of Frantisek Pospisil Crazy sword-dances
Fascinated by the sword-dances, not just the head of men, Frantisek Pospisil worked in a museum, but the sword dancing was a hobby beyond the scope of his employment, he started out his own, and another to see and study them.
Curiosity was aroused in 1907, saw his first sword-dance. During the following decades, he was always here and there, to see the sword-dance, and research. Photographs were made, but they can not get through the whole dance. Suddenly, his new film, and 35mm cameras, a pioneer at time it was purchased. Moraviako sword-dance was filmed, but they also knew that there were outside the Czech Republic, and with the tools and another began: Croatia, England, England …

A festival was held in Bayonne in 1927 in England, headed by Violet Alford, Folk Dance Society of London. As a representation of the community the Czech, Frantisek Pospisil, brought his film camara. After 80 years, thanks to Juan Antonio Urbeltza we have been able to see these images. In Gipuzkoa, Lower Navarre, Soule, and in England there are no pictures. Front of the camera is moving Soule zamaltzaina antrixatak to dance along. Pospisil and commerce, was also in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, motivation and support of Father Sebastian and Telesforo Aranzadi Durango dance dance dance and recorded. We do not know if that was the sword-dance obsession, but it ended badly Pospisilek.His household goods were seized by the Nazis and the museum’s work was lost. He died in 1958.

Jeremy Carter-Gordon has a passion for the sword-dance. He learned to dance with swords in his home country of England, Boston, (sic haha) and completed his studies in ethnomusicology. Now the sword-dance is what he has decided to investigate. With just a backpack and a banjo, he has come to Europe to see and learn sword-dance. He has a scholarship, but one gets another, and when his pockets are empty he has the banjo and a hat to pass. In the past months he has seen sword dancing inFrance, (Bacchu-ber), Italy, (Bagnasco, Fenestrelle). He often travels by autostop [hitchhiking] in his travels. He has reached the Basque Country, and has some weeks to discover Basque sword dances .Who knows, perhaps the next century, a crazy sword-dancer will revive it, and then pass the baton to the American banjo-playing Pospisilenak, the recordings will be a treasure.


About Jeremy Carter-Gordon

My blog of a year studying point-and-hilt sword dancing on a Watson Fellowship. Enjoy reading, tell me your thoughts and leave me a comment, or visit my website at
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