In the News: Basque Sword Dance Through the Eyes of an American Rapper Dancer

Basque Sword Dance Through the Eyes of an American Rapper Dancer

Jeremy Carter-Gordon (from the U.S.) stayed in the Basque Country in September and October to learn about the sword-dancing there. He has already been to France, Italy, Spain and England and has made the trip to look at sword-dancing. His blog is getting a new person. (?)

In the first week of September Jeremy Carter-Gordon arrived in the Basque Country, and on  September 8 he saw the sword dance of Arrate. Subsequently he saw the Igartza Beasain sword-dance, Dantzari-Dantza (dancer’s dance, the set of dances in a mock combat style) in Iurreta (translated as Winchester?), the Markin-Xemein dance of the Virgin of the Rosary, and has been able to see directly, and each day.

On the Feast day of San Miguel, Jeremy Carter-Gordon and Iurreta Sword dancers. Photo Credit: Oier Araolaza

In addition to the sword-dances, he was able to see other dance events. He got to see the Maritzuli dance company in Biarritz, as well as Ballet Biarritz Malandain. He got the opportunity to talk with many dancers, dance teachers and professionals including San Juan Antonio Urbeltza, Philip Amutxastegirekin, hosts in the towns, Juan Mari Beltran while visiting the Center for Basque Folk Music, Sarriegi Aurtzakako and many Beasain friends …solastu local dancers and many people in all those places where he has visited. The Ensaio local group also has been working to see how, on the eve of St. Michael of Winchester, and I saw the group last Ensaio Aunitz Performances of the year also saw a Ensaio.

Not only did he see and learn but he taught, teaching morris dancing to the dance groups Elgoibar, Beasain Kezkakoekin Aurtzakakoekin, and Eibar. He also taught at a dance school, offering a course on English Rapper sword dance. Jeremy has gotten to know many parties in Basque country; the Easter Festival, the Regatta in San Sebastian, Cider festivals for the day of San Miguel and celebrations in Iurreta along with many others!

Andalusia and Galicia

Going from the Basque County he traveled to Andalusia, Galicia, Cordoba and Huelvato study its sword-dance, in particular his traveling to the sword dancing on the feast day of  San Miguel in Marin is a beautiful find!

Now he is in England, studying rapper sword dances, more training, and preparing for his next trips to Croatia, Germany, Georgia, and many others in the coming months in order to visit, always dancing sword dances

Jeremy’s reports on his blog:

[Article lists blog posts on Basque Country]


About Jeremy Carter-Gordon

My blog of a year studying point-and-hilt sword dancing on a Watson Fellowship. Enjoy reading, tell me your thoughts and leave me a comment, or visit my website at
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2 Responses to In the News: Basque Sword Dance Through the Eyes of an American Rapper Dancer

  1. Nancy Knight says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jeremy! I have been following your posts and I am truly amazed at what you are able to see and do – so many rich experiences! Keep the posts coming!

    • Thanks Nancy,
      I will definitely be missing the US during Thanksgiving! So glad you are reading along and enjoying, I’ll definitely keep on writing! Have a wonderful holiday and love to you and your family!

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