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Mystery Photos of Fenestrelle Sword Dancers

Dear Readers, I write to you today with a mystery. Specifically I have two  mystery photos that I would appreciate any help in identifying. I spent the beginning of July in London doing lots of social dancing (ahh, how I … Continue reading

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International Sword Spectacular In Germany

After a brief jaunt through Croatia and Bosnia I returned back to Germany to the town of Balingen, just south of Stuttgart, for an International Sword Dance Festival. Unfortunately, due to a dearth of information, I had not much of an … Continue reading

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Torino, Venice, Split and More! Jeremy Catches Up and Sees Awesome Stuff!

So I need to be catching up in this blog. Therefore this will be another slideshow entry, but it’s still really cool, right? Basically this is covering from the end of the carnival in Rocca Grimalda, traveling to Torino, Venice, … Continue reading

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Basques in Rocca Grimalda: Cards, Blending Cultures, and a Sword Dance Museum!

At 6:30 Kezka all piled into a big bus with supplies of snacks, games and pillows, ready for the 17 hour journey to Rocca Grimalda, Italy. I ended up towards the back of the bus where there was a little table … Continue reading

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Marco…Polo! I make it to Basque Country!

When I woke up the next morning Ada had already left, rushing back to a early morning meeting that had been sprung on her at the last-minute. I got up early as well, having packed my stuff the night before, … Continue reading

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Tango in Venice: Canals and Naked Doges

Ada and I woke up around 6:30 on the morning of September 3rd to go to the bus station. I had done laundry the night before (simpler than the shower) and had hung it all out to dry, and as … Continue reading

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The Quest for the Perfect Gelato: Food, Whirligigs, and Understanding Art History in Florence

I got up early to head out to the train station to head…somewhere! I had sent some couchsurfing requests in Milano and Venice as well as emailed a friend of a friend in Florence, but as of yet I hadn’t … Continue reading

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