Trip Map

Part IV (scroll down for others)

Part III

Part II

Part I

I will be updating with my locations now and again to provide some context for my travels.

6 Responses to Trip Map

  1. Pete Milne says:

    Bagnasco but not Fenestrelle? Shame!

  2. Pete Milne says:

    Oh, Yes. The whole village was there! Smashing to see them again. And Oier with Kezka (who I think was at York because I suggested it to him).

    I visited Bagnasco a few (!) years ago after meeting them at the 2000 sword spec-

  3. Pete Milne says:

    The dancing that weekend was in the sportsground in the centre of Bagnasco, not far from the church. A very small event with half-a-dozen guests groups from N Italy, but very friendly. I’ve kept in touch with the Lachera group and taken a couple of UK sword teams to their carnivale since.

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